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     Tour Israel in Person or by Photographs

Blue Letter Bible - Versions and Greek & Hebrew Interlinears

Ballard & The Black Sea -- The Search for Noah's Flood

The Passion of The Christ - Mel Gibson  My Life

The War on Mel Gibson: The Media vs. The Passion by Gary North

Theology  (Also see Journals below)
Wesley Center for Applied Theology
Theological Societies, Fellowships, Associations, & Research Centers
Theological Activity on the Internet
Biblical Theology
Theologies compared                                                  
A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet
Who is this Jesus? Coral Ridge Ministries
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
Southern Evangelical Seminary
Biola University
Boston Christian - Apologetics
Institute of Biblical Defense
The Academy of Christian Apologetics
Streams of Confusion  &  Embraced by the Darkness by Brad Scott
Beyond a Shadow by William Brugman
Stand to Reason
Bible Believers Archaeology - Historical Evidence that Proves the Bible
Creationism   Center for Scientific Creation   The Institute For Creation Research  
Creation Research Society   Creation Illustrated   Answers in Genesis Ministries
Creation Truth Foundation   The Ark Foundation

Biola University's UnBound Bible enables you to search for words or phrases in the Bible in different versions and in multiple languages, including Greek, Hebrew.
You can also search the Septuagint and display two different texts at once.

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The Bible in Living Sound
Bible History Online

The Price the Savior Paid - Crucifixion in Antiquity by Joe Zias, Israel
A Physician Testifies about the Crucifixion by Dr. C. Truman Davis

Religious Journals
Visit the Research page for journal databases
American Journal of Archaeology
American Theological Library Association
Christian Theological Journals
Electronic Journals-Vanderbilt University
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
The Biblical Studies Foundation  

Journal for Christian Theological Research

Collections of various Bible sites
Orthodox Christian Information Center
The Bible that Bridges Two Millennia
Christian Research and Evangelism - Dave Sherrill

Christian Books - Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Commentaries  Review of Biblical Literature (Book Reviews)
Cyber Library of Religious Books - full-text books and materials on the Internet
Jamieson, Fausset, & Brown's Bible Commentary
Geneva Study Bible
Matthew Henry’s Commentary
Wesley’s Explanatory Notes

Old Testament
Psalms - The Treasury of David by Charles H. Spurgeon

New Testament                                                    Back to Our Home Page  
Robertson's Word Pictures of the New Testament
The People's New Testament 1891 B.W. Johnson
Concise New Testament Survey
John Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament
John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Harmony of the Gospels People's NT
Gospel of Mark
Galatians—Martin Luther’s Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians 1535A.D.
Philippians 2:5-11 

Bible Software for handheld computers - Olive Tree Bible Software

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Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
Theological Dictionary
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Bible Names Pronounced for You
The Catholic Encyclopedia Statistics
Bible Dictionary - Amos content

Chart showing the apocryphal books that occur in various translations

The "Bible Code" Theory

Deception in the Church

The Text This Week: Revised Common Lectionary, Scripture Study

Rhetorical Literary Devices

Prophecy - The End of the World?
Dr. Jack Van Impe Ministries International
Watch Dr. Van Impe's weekly TV show via an Internet connection
Dr. Van Impe's Daily News Update & Religion News Today
Van Impe Intelligence Briefing Monthly Newsletter & Perhaps Today Magazine
Receive Dr. Van Impe's weekly newsletter by e-mail
Prophecy Films
Overview of Major Future Events
Middle East Invasion Map and Legend
Revelation Illustrated

Hal Lindsey Oracle
Cloud Ten Pictures: Peter and Paul Lalonde
Lamb & Lion Ministries
Biblical Prophecy Resource Center
Prophecy Central
Prophecy Update
The Omega Letter
Dictionary of Premillennial Theology

Google Scholar

Homiletics  Illustrations

E-mail discussion forum for sermon illustrations


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